Have you ever pondered on what you do in a day, a week, a year? What you have and will yet accomplish in your life? How you impact the lives of the people you have met? What imprint will you make on this universe at this point in time, space and frequency?
The A.I.K.A.A. (ASEKA IXAME’Y KUTO ka A’I’KY’TO AXEM: A Dynamic Actualization Interface with Our Continuity Canopy) is an attempt to do so for our family. A chance for us to give you a glimpse of what we actually have done, are doing and what we plan to do. We want people to be able to see how we achieve balance in our lives by functioning on the 6 co-planar facets of existence. AND to see all of our projects delineated/categorized according to the 25 ADEMIU as well as the corresponding studies/experiences indicated according to the 25 KAJAU. A.I.K.A.A. is what we do, how we grow, how we have fun, how we approach our challenges,  gain our lessons and triumphs across The 6 Planes of ARVHUTA, our concept of all six, intersecting fields of human activity
A.I.K.A.A is a journal depicting how we strive to attain consummate manifestation and achieve the balance we think is essential to living happy, fulfilled, productive and purposeful lives.  A.I.K.A.A. reports how we contribute to our community, our environment and the universe. Finally, A.I.K.A.A. an invitation for you to work with us, make a contribution to our efforts, find some way to participate and most importantly, a suggestion for you to similarly articulate your lives such as you are inclined, in whatever manner makes sense to you.  A.I.K.A.A. is how we show you how we make our lives matter, and how you can too.
  We are the entities who come before you as The ACHEKQUECHA, a unique concept of family made up of like-minded individuals who have set their purposes to usher forth a new idea of human capacity on this plane of existence. We believe in attuning ourselves to the reality  of a higher vibrational frequency, a unifying force which grants us a greater experience of life, access to a wider spectrum of intelligence and the will to do more and be more in cognizance of the wonders of the universe. Our familial configuration is currently made up of ten beings, four parents and six living children. (As our fifth child ascended from this plane of existence due to trisomy 18.) Each member of The ACHEKQUECHA is multi-faceted and expresses the diversity of their being through their creativity and multiple names referred to as KHIAI, in a system they call TCHEKEN KHEMELECH.
This site will be a continuing log and series of videos of our activities, our interests and thoughts, a link to our various websites and corporate activities, our humanitarian efforts, scientific pursuits, creative projects and general philosophies on life, the universe, family, history and what we intend for our foreseeable future.
We hope that The A.I.K.A.A. is relative, entertaining and educational. Difference is hard to accept. We understand that much of what we are introducing may seem new and may require a lot of adjustment to even cognize let alone to accept or to incorporate into your reality. Because of this, we understand it is important for us to share as much as we are capable at this time, to make ourselves available to questions and diverse viewpoints. We understand that everyone may not share our way of seeing this world nor support our way of being. That is fine. Everyone is entitled to their perspective. But we know others will acknowledge that at least what we are doing is working for us, and may gleen some pattern or phrase or method which encourages them to do differently in their own lives. We share to provide an environment of relative transparency, to enhance our own understanding, to  motivate ourselves and others, and ultimately to inspire this world to reach higher goals. It is our opinion that this is what everyone should do.
So what could be so different you ask? The answer to that is…EVERYTHING.
Your concepts of matter are the first basis of millenia of misunderstanding. Matter isn’t definite. It is a theory and it is wrong.
You are closer when you say “matter is energy” or everything is energy. But even closer to the reality is that EVERYTHING is PERCEPTION. Everything is Mind. And idea. Those who work in lucid dreaming, dream travel, remote viewing and far-sensing have a closer understanding of this fact. But it is not just a consequence of their heightened perception. The underlying reality of all that is is that it is ALL IN THE MIND, all relevant to PERCEPTION and thereby MUTABLE.
There are no laws of physics, there are only agreements as to HOW you want to perceive what is REAL and what is not. And this changes DRAMATICALLY based upon the viewer.
This is also true of time. TIME is relative. Each person experiences time very differently and that different interaction with time indicators, like a clock, the sun or moon, or seasons determines a lot about their psychology, health, etc. whether they be an Australian Aboriginal Dreamweaver, a Wall Street Stock Broker, a Chinese Rice Farmer, an American mother of Triplets, a Senegalese medicinal herbalist or an Italian sculptor. Each of them have a very different concept and utilization of time.
To us time is not just relative. It may not exist.
If it does exist, it is at most a medium through which we interact with
existence. Time is a construct, an agreement of terms based upon
functionality. And as functionality changes so must the way
we mark and measure time. Later you will learn more of our concept
of the marking and measuring of time in our revelation of a new
Star, Sun and Moon Calendar: AHNKA HRA YEM.