Film, interviews, editorials, and other media that we have been featured in. 

Zhai featured in Rudy Currence’ “Royal Blue” music video, released in 2015.

Zhai featured in Byron Lord’s “Better Than Dead” video in 2012.  This impactful video illustrates some of the issues faced in domestic violence.

Zhai modeling for ExaltaMag.com.  Photos by Alahn Brezan.

Zhai as the face for the ColleXione jewelry collection. 

Zhai modeling for the Ferrier Bell collection.  Editorial featured in Kings &Queens Magazine.  Photographed by Alahn Brezan.

Zhai featured in Shoed-IN Magazine.  

Dravadan featured dancing in the Shorty Swing music video.  Song by K.P. & Envyi.

Mateo featured in SHARP Mag for Men.  Photo by Eleet Casey in Atlanta, GA.

Valeria, Zenna, and Zhai’s beauty editorial featured in ExaltaMag.com.  Photographed by Shimel Kemoa.

Mateo featured in Kings & Queens Mag.  Photographed by Alahn Brezan.

Azyla Zallelu interviewing firefighter Marty Vinson.  

Editorial for Kings&Queens Mag.  Photographed by Shimel Kemoa.

The AGEE children doing their debates.  

Dravadan played a featured extra in the Anchor Man 2 movie. 

“Montley Crew” an editorial published in SHARP Mag for Men.  Photographed by Lakani Lao.

Mateo was an extra in the 2015 Bessie movie featuring Queen Latifah.

Moody family photos, published in Kings&Queens Mag.  Photographed by Alahn Brezan, Lakani Lao, and Shimel Kemoa.  

Zhai featured in the international Chinet commercial in 2013.

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Zhai featured as a actress/singer in Michell Williams’ “If we had your eyes” music video, publisled in 2014.

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Zhai wearing jewelry by Yvette Jones, photographed by Alahn Brezan.

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Azyla produced a video or her RED issue in 2020.

Mateo modeling at the falls in Atlanta, GA for Finesse Magazine.  Photographed by Lakani Lao.

Dravadan and Mateo modeling suits for SHARP Mag for Men in Altanta, GA.  Published in 2014. 

Zhai and Mateo taking couple pregnancy shots in the hills of San Francisco Valley.  Photographed by Alahn Brezan in 2015.

Zhai featured in EXALTAmag.com.  Photographed by Brandon Allen.

Dravadan played a role in the “Mama Flora’s Family” film the 1998 film.

Azyla directed and acted in her Bloody Lip short film, shot for Azyla Zallelu’s RED issue. 

Eve’s Reprieve was directed and acted out by Azyla Zallelu for her RED issue.  

Azyla Zallelu directing and producing her own video for RED Initiation.  Footage captured by Alahn Brezan. 

Azyla (in 2019) introducing herself and her plans for launching a magazine in 2020.

Zhai and Mateo modeling clothes from a local Los Angeles boutique.  Shot by Alahn Brezan.  Published in ExaltaMag.com.

Mateo modeling clothes from  celebrity Designer Edmond Newton.  Photographed by Alahn Brezan for ExaltaMag.com

Zenna modeling Rebel Athletic clothing.  Published in Finesse Magazine.  Photographed by Alahn Brezan and Lakani Lao.

Zenna modeling the designs of Shook Boyz.  

Video captured at a photographic event that we host called Foto Flash Function, featuring Roy and Zenna.

In 2015, Roy was a soccer player for a Zappos commercial.  This was his first paid booking.

Mateo playing the lead vampire in the fan film Blade: Bad Blood, published in 2014.

Zenna, age 13, modeling flowing garments at the Seven Magic Mountains. 

Celebrating Earthday. Video of the participants at a Foto Flash Function, 2020.

Footage of Zenna and other teen Westhaven models at a Foto Flash Function.

Zhai staring in this beautiful editorial for SUPERNALIA Mag.  Shot by Alahn Brezan.

Mateo modeling the designes of Fagnidi for Kings&Queens Mag.  Shot by Alahn Brezan.

A pitch trailer shot for a family show in 2016.

An extended trailer shot for a family show in 2016.

The Agee children debating pros and cons on the man made dam in Ethiopia.  

Mateo shot by Ean Nigel, ,published in Chosen Men Mag.

Zhai modeling for an editorial published in SHARP Mag for Men.  Captured by Alahn Brezan.

Mateo playing a role in Vintory’s Domestic Violence episode.

Zhai and Zenna playing roles in Vintory’s Dopamine Hits episode.

Zhai playing a role in another one of Vintory’s interesting episodes.

Mateo modeling necklaces by Cotrice Collection.  Published in SUPERNALIA Mag.  Shot by Alahn Brezan.

Zhai featured in VIBE Magazine.

Mateo modeling clothing from Ferrier Bell.  Published in Kings&Queens Magazine.  Shot by Alahn Brezan.