Cosplay over the years

2020 The family got into character and emulated the popular X of SWORDS series in X Men Comics by Johnathan Hicks.

2018 The family merged TITANS GO! with mainstream DC comics version of their popular TEEN TITANS CHARACTERS

In Brightest Day and Blackest Night

No color shall escape my sight!

Inspired by the Geoff Johns version of the various light-bearers of GEEN LANTERN mythos, each member of the family portrayed a different powered hue: The GREEN LANTERN CORPS, the Yellow SINESTRO CORPS, the furious RED LANTERNS, the orange LARFLEEZE, the pink STAR SAPPHIRE GLAMAZONS, the WHITE LANTERNS and the BLACK LANTERN wee depicted as well. 


Early (scrapped) drawings of the original The WESTHAVENS conceptualizations.


STRATA G is a homeschooled project where we debate on a variety of controversial topics, such as socialism vs. capitalism or perspective on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).


Origami is a Japanese art the art of folding paper. Taking pieces of scrap paper and turning it into beautiful artworks is a common hobby for us.


A parade at Downtown Summerlin that Roy, Valeria and Liam were in through BESTagency.

Birthday Portraits over the years

It’s a tradition to draw portraits of family and friends for their birthdays. Every year you get to see how the artist and birthday person develops.

13 Days of HALLOWEEN

For each of the Halloween parades at Downtown Summerlin Zenna dressed up in unique costumes to model so she could enjoy Halloween to the fullest.

Scientific experiments

We explore the sciences and build our knowledge through exploring, testing and experiencing.

Workshop imagery