The history of language on this planet is much more complicated and inter-related than most people can imagine.

There is a code to language, a rhythm and purpose that generally goes unnoticed.

The majority of the present languages that we speak are limited in 

their description of things which cannot readily be experienced by the five senses.


is the beginning of a new language coded for patterning 

the flow of energy from material to quantum, 

bringing forth a new perception and concepts which help to elevate our understanding 

of the fundamental principles of the universe in which we live.

It introduces a new thought wave that may help to educate and change the world.

This lexicon will continually be updated with new words and meanings.

A’ana’a – “Lightbearer”,  “Starchild”, Person whose energy signature peaks above average and has high capacity for supernatural ability.

A’ahn’atha’nha’a – Collective (familial) organization of A’ana’a for mutual endeavors, partnerships and benefit of the greater good.

Ache’ku’echa – Coadunate union of 5 or more by conscious, consensual merging of Life in spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical accord.

Ademiu – System of 25 industries or business areas.

Ahi’tuhndaney – Centeredness

Ahn Ka Hra Yem – Star-Sun-Moon Calendar

Ahralurae Zhai – Spirituality

A.I.K.A.A. – Aseka Ixamey Kuto A’I’Ky’To Axem

A’I’Ky’To – Continuity

Airanéma – Categorization and system of superpowers or extraordinary abilities.

Amomolat Ozin – The mother grid pattern for the new reality, it serves as a template for charting the calendar, seasons, corporate endeavor, education systems, bio-physical correlates. New Life Pattern, Template, Motherboard, Reality Loom.

Archisfalk – System of Colors, Color Spectrum, Color Wheel

A.R.V.H.U.T.A. – Acronym for AHRALURAE ZHAI, RHA’ZHREY’SON, VA’ÉRDANÉ, HANISHERAYA, USÉ’ADEV, THREY’LAO’KHESARI, AHI’TUHNDANEY.  The Self-Perfecting Cube.  A concept where life is considered the intersection of 6 different planes of being as a cube and the center of which would be your inner awareness and balance. 

Aséka – Dynamic, changing, evolving

Axem – canopy, all things within a particular paradigm

Aya – a seed, offspring, baby

Emanifrah – Transformative, Alchemical Fire ritual, sometimes involving taking a new name.

Ekus Kyzetteradh – A New paradigm 

Hanisheraya – Creativity

Ighendazaya –  Radial projection

Ineyiu – System of Self Identification in relationship to everything that exist in the known universe(s).

Ishaereashi – Financial power nodes which fund particular projects or businesses.

Ixamey – Actualization, manifesting through deliberate action

Kazhanantunuweree – Spiral World Curriculum.  System of 25 subject areas.

Khiai Tcheken Khemelech– System of Naming, Naming as per Functionality 

Kitekah – List of tasks to accomplish 

Kuto – Interface, engagement

Kuwa Akuwi – A new way of looking at the biosystem corresponding with business development.

Oyéstu – List of new contacts or connections

Ray’dah’itha – Database of contacts, connections, relationships.

Rha’zhrey’son – Physical

Tenectu Men – Template companies

Threy’lao’khesari – Family

Unéis – System of categorizing corporate universe and identifying corporate relationships using concentric circles.

Usé’adev – Academics

Va’érdané – Commerce

Yatan – The world in 25 regions.

Yu’inti’elzo – Concept of spinning 25 plates which represents Ademiu 25 industries which rotates around aanaa who sits in the center such that accomplishing Kitekah in each ademi (singular of Ademiu) is attainable.