We make these following agreements:

1) Lack is an illusion.

There is an abundance everywhere when you harmonize with your environment, your mind, your body, and divine spirit.  

There is no such thing as lack or “not enough”. 

Now it is true for the beings of Earth to experience abundance in alignment with proper management of demand.  You can have the finest new clothes all of the time, just share them, pass them forward and allow others to experience the same joy.

Current wealth is determined by scarcity.  The future is now.  The new principle of wealth will be determined, generalized, experienced, accessibility, creative proliferation.

In the past a Picasso was worth a lot because there was on ly one.  In the now, a Picasso NFT for example; do with a lot because every one can own a piece of it, share it, experience it, and add to the value by generating credits for even more activity.

2) Everyone is the center of their own universe. 

As the center, everyone creates their own reality.  As their own creator, in alignment for their universal principles of the creator, everyone is responsible for creating their own dream or living their own nightmare.  

3) Expand your horizons.

Everything you believe to be true is relative.  As such, comfortably, courageously, consider other truths to be as valid, as experiential as experimental as your own.  Expand your horizons. 

Time is relative. 

Language is a construct which shapes your reality. 

Math is, and it is not.  As such, material reality is and it is not.  All is mind.  Everything is intelligent, everything is alive and seeks to express itself, to experience, exchange, interact, and to grow.

4) All enterprise should observe the 




10 to charity

20 to reinvest in company

30 to invest in employees

(2-10yrs, 10% ownership pool, benefits)

(11-20yrs, 20% ownership pool, benefits)

(21-30yrs, 30% ownership pool, benefits)

25 proprietors equity

25 public stock equity

25 investors equity

25 employment equity sharing profits


All people are divine.  Part of God, part knowledgeable, part ignorant, part human; capable of tremendous acts of kindness and tremendous depravity or selfishness.