Imagine each aspect of your life was a different plane of existence. Then imagine all of those planes, six to be exact, intersected in order to create the structure of your life and you the intelligent being within the center.

ARVHUTA is an original Life-Enhancement Technique which conceptualizes your existence as a cuboidal intersection of six different planes of endeavor or fields of human activity.

“Whatever the mind focuses on expands”

By viewing yourself as a central sun radiating light or attention to each of these planes to keep them growing and equi-planar, you create a more active, balanced life.

By neglecting or ignoring any of the planes of existence, it begins to shrink and your cube begins to get warped and misshapen.

The planes are as follows:

AHRALURAE ZHAI: Spirituality

RHA’ZHREY’SON: Physicality

VA’ERDANE: Commerce or Exchange


USE’ADEV: Intellectual Development, Learning

THREY’LAO’KHESARI: Interactivity, Family, Community, Unity, Sharing

AHI’TUHNDANEY: Central Being, Stillness, Meditation

ARVHUTA is a quick and simple way to self-examine and see if you are giving attention to all aspects of your life and staying balanced and productive. 

We use this system and teach it to our children to promote healthier lifestyles. 

More information will be available soon in the form of a book and accompanying workbooks for children and  adults. There will even be a version of these concepts which  can be applied to  organizations and communities.


AHRALURAE ZHAI – Spiritual Plane of Existence.

Our awareness of there being something GREATER than us, a causative factor to the effects we experience.

Religion. Spirituality. Conscious awareness. Elevation. Ascension.

AHRALURAE ZHAI is the field of spiritual consciousness within the scope of human activity.

It is represented by purple and the ceiling, sky or heavens. 

We have traveled the world and studied the world’s religions, ancient traditions 

and hidden cultures in order to discover spiritual truths and precepts.

We have found out that the more we know, the more we have yet to learn.

That there is definitely a higher power and an Inherent Intelligence extant in the Universe as well as within us all.

At the heart of all, we understand that the cultivation of beneficence is the greatest good,

produces the most joy and raises vibration to the highest attainable octaves.

So all of our endeavors in this area is to teach that to our children, our family and friends, and to have that be a Guiding Light in all that we do.


RHA’ZHREY’SON – Physical Plane of Existence.

Cells. Your Body. Your home. The City, Region, Nation, Continent and the World,  Solar System, Galaxy and Cosmos.

Our physical universe. All structures represent a particular order and pattern and we have found that there is remarkable correspondence.  

RHA’ZHREY’SON is the corporeal field of human activity and understanding.

It is represented by blue and the wall behind you or the south. 

Our family integrates KUWA AKUWI, an anthropo-physiological morphic model

to the structures which serve as vessels for consciousness within which we live our lives.  


VA’ERDANE – The Commercial Plane of Existence.

Commerce. Business. Products and Services. Purchases and Bartering. Banking and Finance. 

VA’ERDANE is the EXCHANGE field of human activity. 

It is how we value what we produce and how we are reciprocated. Its color is vibrant, verdant green. 

For our part, we initiate or acquire interest in business spanning ADEMIU,

the 25 industries in locations throughout YATAN, around the world. 

We endeavor to add value, to employ others for what they produce and to redirect profits into growing that model globally. 


HANISHERAYA – Creative Plane of Existence.

Artistry. Building. Writing. Craftworks. Media. 

HANISHERAYA is the Creative field of human activity. 

It is how we reflect our being in our works and is reflective of our individuality and in a higher sense, our divinity.  

It is represented by yellow or gold, and represent the floor, foundation or the Earth beneath us.

We are a highly creative family and avail ourselves of all creative mediums 

including music, film, graphic literature, fashion, origami and other craftworks. 


USE’ADEV – Intellectual Plane of Existence.

Academic learning. The Akashic Records. The Libraries of the World. Research and Development. From Nursery Schools to Universities. USEADEV is the Learning field of human activity. Where our minds explore and quest for understanding. It is signified by the color orange and the wall in front of you or the north. 

Our family has designed is own learning system called KAJANANTUNUWEREE, The Spiral World Curriculum, which we will make available to students young and old around the world.  


THREY’LAO’KHESARI – Communal/Social Plane of Existence.

Connectedness. Friends, Family. Community. Society. The Kindness of Strangers. 

THREY’LAO’KHESARI is the SHARING field of human activity. 

It is how we relate to each other and see each other as part of our being. 

Its color is red, and it represents the right or EAST.

Our family views every nation as our home, and every man, woman and child as part of our extended family. 

We love the diversity of the world, and the wonderful reality that as different as we all are, we are all also the same. 

We love, we eat, we play, we seek adventure, and take time to rest. 


AHI’TUHNDAHNEY: Centered/ Inner Being, Point of Existence.

It is very important to JUST BE. 

As a node of consciousness, blessed with perception, you are the center of  the universe according to you. 

All of your senses support this reality. 

In your fullest potential you are able to maintain cognizance and conduct in full awareness of your inter-connectedness to all things. 

To relate to the universe within you and all around you. 

To expand your sense of being beyond your senses, to expand your senses and awareness, ultimate, to a cosmic frequency and scope.

This understanding and realization in our practice is AHI’TUHNDAHNEY. 

It is the realization of Oneness, which requires no DOING, just BEING as it already is.