1. We are dedicated to DIVINE PURPOSE and ALIGNMENT .  

2. We have discovered ancient traditions of achieving balance and attuning inner peace.  

3. We are consummate creatives, art directors, fine artists, photographers, film-makers. 

4. We are innovators, inventors and we seek solutions to difficult problems.

5. We are PREDOMINANTLY VEGAN/Plant-based (sometimes lacto-ovo).

6. Multi-cultural Vegan Gourmet Cuisine 


8. We HOMESCHOOL our 7 (and counting) children.

9. We have created our own curriculum which includes 25 different subject areas. 

10. We own and operate NUMEROUS BUSINESSES in 25 different INDUSTRIES. 

11. We have a different name for each different activity that we engage in a system we call KHIAI TCHEKEN KHEMELECH.       

12.  Some of the names are shared by the whole family and some are unique to us as individuals.

13. We are COMMUNAL.  We all work together and live in a co-experiential manner.


15. We are 3 parents and counting…

We are part of the global community.
Each of the adults in the family come from a lineage of many cultures.
As such, we have reared our children to be proud of each of their ethnicities and to immerse themselves in knowledge of the cultures from which they are derived. 
In addition, we place a priority on learning from all of the cultures of the world.
We teach our children to see each culture we interact with as a window to understanding the world in a unique way. 
We see a major shift in the world. As people are becoming more concerned about health, they are now putting the necessary concentration on the quality of what they eat and how it effects their bodies!
This has never been more important, especially with worldwide challenges to the integrity of our overall wellness.
We love fine cuisine, natural foods, and flavours from a variety of cultures!
To many, living well is referenced in the context of material luxuries, broad access paid for by financial privilege.
To us, Living Well is about cultivating right mind, right body and right spirit.
Health, Wellness and Happiness are of utmost importance. 
Learning new things, access to information, exploring new perspectives. 
Being physically active. Going on adventures. Challenging yourself. 
Sharing with family and friends, harmonizing with the environment and the flow of energy in the universe.

No Ordinary Family

  • We own many businesses and are central to a number of different commercial and corporate initiative.
  • We are developing a new language, called AYAHU which involves a comprehensive understanding of the new quantum dynamic reality humanity is approaching.
  • We are instituting our own cultural pattern which reflects a deeper understanding of the micro-cosmic universe.
  • We operate within a NEW calendar called AHN KA HRA YEM in harmony with full correspondence to lunar, solar and celestial movements
1. We are COMMUNAL
3. We are predominantly VEGAN (Sometimes lacto-ovo) and each of us is a gourmet chef
4 We have 7 CHILDREN which we HOMESCHOOL 
5. We own and operate numerous businesses in many industries
6.We love to travel and explore diverse culture
7 We love to research and have scientific experiences 
8. We love to be creative including photography, fashion. writing, drawing, drawing, painting, origami, film making and art direction
9. We innovate new ways of doing things
(Find pictures which represent these things and type the words in them)
10. Each of us have many names which serve functionally to categorize a particular area of work or scope of interest
11. Each of us are wellness coaches and students of a diverse range of wellness meditations including massage, reiki, tuning, crystals, herbology, flexology, nutrition counseling, resonance medicine.
12. We are developing our light code quantum coding system and quantum dynamic language