Although we know these terms may be unusual,

they  are part of a new language of the approaching quantum dynamic reality. 

This new language is called 


This language as well as our lives in general expresses a new way of thinking,

of being, and of contributing to our world.


We are the originators and sharers of  a cosmic culture,

a dynamic new way of being which will help foster a new paradigm on Earth. 

We call this new way of being EKUS KYZETTERADH,

the GRAND GALACTIC GIFT of cosmic correspondence.

EKUS KYZETTERADH is a comprehensive system of integrative tools

or keys for ascending to the next level of existence

as individuals, in relationship, as families, communities, cities, nations, and the world.  

EKUS KYZETTERADH harmonizes in principle with the diversity

of Terran belief systems, religions and philosophies.

It also creates, accepts and supports a pathway for those seeking to create a new way of life.  

For an in depth study and presentation of EKUS KYZETTERADH please visit our website here: ekuskzetteradh.com (coming soon)

It is our endeavor to relate  our activities in each of these areas, 

to share our studies and display the multifaceted aspects of our existence with you.

Again, we thank you for your time and interest and sharing our journey 

and we WELCOME your questions, comments and support. 

we are the originators and sharers of a dynamic new way of being, a cosmic culture which will correspond and help foster a new paradigm on earth. 
We call this new way of being, EKUS KYZETTERADH, the grand galactik gift — Ekus Kyzetteradh is a corresponding system of integration tools or keys for ascending to the next level of existence as individuals, as relationships, as families, communities, cities, nature and the world. 
Ekus Kyzetteradh harmony in principle with the diversity of tower helps/systems, religions and photospheres, it also creates a pathway for those serious to create a new way of life. 
for a (ride the study and prospect of Ekus Kyzetteradh, please visit our website here: 
For the purpose of this site, there are few key concepts to keep in mind. 
1. AYAHU – The convergence in terms may be unusual. 
2. AMOMOLAT OZIN – newlife patterns, templates, motherboard, reality.
4. KAJANANTANUWEREE – spiral world curriculum 

The concepts and activities on this site are organized by AMOMOLAT OZIN

A life grid which patterns an anthropomorphic design for corresponding industry, curriculum, 

Light, sound, physiology, and geography amongst other things.

AMOMOLAT OZIN Is a reality engine a creation pattern a manifestation matrix, mother science 
AMOMOLAT OZIN is the foundation of astrophysic calendar, curriculum graph, industry table, alternating geo-political mapping, biological correspondence, chromatic wheel, musical scale, functionality chart, ideological operating system, global management methodory, idea generator, life mold
video of AMOMOLAT OZIN showing the different parts, speaking about core, inner and outer circles, colors, what exists beyond it. 
AMOMOLAT OZIN is feminine 
Its masculine counterpart is AZES NAHU – reality grid 
video – show AMOMOLAT OZIN ku ADEMIU describe each section and flash 3-5 images of activities in that area. show bio systems and tolerance
video – something as above only for the curriculum