He Who Amplifies the Light for Ascended Civilization.

I was born in the late 80’s to a conservative Jamaican family.  Growing up, I was taught to be an obedient servant with fundamental Christian morals, just like any good conservative citizen would have their children reared. 

Over some time, I was conditioned to lock away my feelings, thoughts, and creativity.  Soon afterwards, I was getting recognition for excellence in the system (or the road most travelled), I realized that this was a  system that did not support the well-being of the majority.  I was becoming a perpetuator of a toxic system with my time and talent.  

I am an ageless being on a journey to rediscovering myself.  I do not believe in a singular destiny, instead I have many destinies I choose to navigate.  I have many life purposes and sometimes they are for a brief moment, and other times they can be a life-long engagement.

I am not the things I do, but I do things for a reason.  I am getting to the place where I am only doing the things that I am passionate about.  

I have been educated in conventional wisdom primarily in the biological sciences.  I am now mostly interested in the natural healing methods and ancient healing practices that support our bodies.  Other interests of mine are automobiles, technology, and sports. 

One of my goals is to create holistic healing resorts that will help people tap into their innate healing capacity and primal state of wellness.