Expanding Ray of Light Illuminating Truth for Ascended Civilization

I have many names but the name I am most commonly called is Azari Attahnn Ahrayahn. Of my siblings I am the second oldest. I was born on the 13th of July in 2007.

I enjoy doing many different things but most recently I have been passionate about drawing, skateboarding, baking, chemistry, robotics, coding and playing the guitar.

I take on many hobbies, not to be the best, but to be adept with those areas of activity. I want to have an understanding and the ability to do any activity I find interesting. For example, I plan to develop the capability to play all instruments, starting with the guitar.
“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but is many times better than a master of one.” is a quote that I like to live by because it allows for me to have many opportunities in life. I go with the flow of things, not in a push over way but I understand that when things happen, they happen for a reason and could be beneficial in the long run.
ZEGOTROT is the name of my project where I show all of my names and what I do with those names. ZEGOTROT is a word that I created which means “greater than the sum of all parts.”  My names and all the things that I do does not add up to the entirety of my being. Who I am as a whole is more than all of my individual parts.