AHRALURAE ZHY – Spiritual Plane of Existence.

Our awareness of there being something GREATER than us, a causative factor to the effects we experience. Religion. Spirituality. Conscious awareness. Elevation. Ascension. AHRALURAE ZHY is the field of spiritual consciousness within the scope of human activity. It is represented by purple and the ceiling, sky or heavens. 

We have traveled the world and studied the world’s religions, ancient traditions and hidden cultures in order to discover spiritual truths and precepts. We have found out that the more we know, the more we have yet to learn. That there is definitely a higher power and an Inherent Intelligence extant in the Universe as well as within us all. At the heart of all, we understand that the cultivation of beneficence is the greatest good, produces the most joy and raises vibration to the highest attainable octaves. So all of our endeavour in this area is to teach that to our children, our family and friends, and to have that be a Guiding Light in all that we do.