Decision-Maker, She Who Sets Directives for Ascended Civilization

 I am the third child of the 7. I go by many names, but for this I am introducing myself as Ahnaru Asiara which is my name for spiritual cultivation. I love making clothes and little trinkets because I get to figure out how things are put together, like puzzles. I also love collecting small items, metal pieces, charms, etc, most of which I turn into jewelry/accessories.

It’s important to me to be organized. I like to have everything in a particular order, each item where it belongs.

I am very fast and strong. I am the fastest runner out of all my siblings so far. 

I am the creator and owner of Caprizina. Caprizina is what I use to present myself and my various activities. My website displays all of my names and explains what I’m doing in each area. The link to my website is Please take a look.