“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost Welcome to A.I.K.A.A. Now! AIKAA is our home site, our nexus, which serves as an hub for our extended family and friends, community and business associates to take a peek and interface with what we have done and are manifesting creatively and commercially. We have “taken the road less traveled” and are an unusual family to say the least. We are a coadunate union, joined together by spiritual purpose, cooperative lifestyle and capital commitment, currently comprised of three adults and blessed with seven wonderful children. It is our prayer that one day others will join us and we hope to be blessed with more children. We co-own and operate numerous businesses in a system of distinct but mutually-held businesses which permit us to monetize our creativity and to open opportunities for many people around the world. We are crafting a new resonant, light-code language, conceptualizing our own traditions, researching and developing new ways to engage the physical and quantum sciences, and are basically paving a new path of being on this plane of existence. It is a really cool experiment to live life in this way and we want to share our experiences, some of our achievements and lessons learned from things which don’t go as planned. We are open to observation, inquiry and collaboration. ASEKA  IXAME’Y  KUTO  A’I’KY’TO  AXEM The terms we use which may sound unique to you are the basis of a new language which we call AYAHU.  Each of these words are very important to us and signify new and  meaningful patterns of understanding.  ASEKA means DYNAMIC, CHANGING, EVOLVING IXAME’Y means ACTUALIZATION, MANIFESTING THROUGH DELIBERATE ACTION KUTO means INTERFACE, ENGAGEMENT A’I’KY’TO means CONTINUITY AXEM means CANOPY,  ALL THINGS WITHIN A PARTICULAR PARADIGM ASEKA IXAME’Y KUTO is a DYNAMIC ACTUALIZATION INTERFACE which is our A’I’KY’TO AXEM or CONTINUITY CANOPY.

Although we know these terms may be unusual, they  are part of a new language of the approaching quantum dynamic reality (AYAHU). This language as well as our lives in general express a new way of thinking, of being, of contributing to our world. This site is an overview of who we are, what we do, the businesses we own, services we provide and how we manifest in this Universe.

The concepts and activities on this site are organized by AMOMOLAT OZIN, A life grid pattern which comprises amongst other things;

  25 Categories of Industry/Business Areas (ADEMI’U) found on the left column and the 25 corresponding Subject Areas which we study as Schools of Knowledge (KAJA’U) 6 intersecting planes of existence (ARVHUTA) on the top menu and LINKS to our numerous websites and business activities. It is our endeavor to relate  our activities in each of these areas, to share our studies and display the multifaceted aspects of our existence with you. Again, we thank you for your time and interest and sharing our journey and we WELCOME your questions, comments and support. AAFAMILY IN WHITE

Welcome to A.I.K.A.A. Now!

A.I.K.A.A. is our home site, our nexus point.  The convergence of all of our activities and various businesses.  The window through which we invite you to share in our experiences and explorations.  

For friends and family, it’s where we keep you updated on our projects with the children, our travels, and what we learn along this path called life.

For those of you who do not know us, it is a solid experiment.  We are committed to creating a culture of cultivation, creativity and community  Utilizing on innovative way of thinking, we a manifesting an active, suentype and commercial platform for evolutionary growth and development.  We are dedicated to making the world a better, brighter and more beneficial place in which to live and rear children.